Kamranga or Carambola, Averrhoa carambola

Kamranga or Carambola (Averrhoa carambola, family: Oxalidaceae) is a small tree with drooping branches and rounded canopy. Although the tree is bushy but can attain a height of 5-12 m. It is native to South and Southeast Asia.  

Common names: Kamranga, Carambola, Starfruit.

Flowers are small, attractive, petals 5, 6 mm wide, purple in color, borne on the ends of the branches or on old stem, sometimes on trunk.

The attractive oblong-shaped fruits are juicy, 5 to 6-angled with thin, waxy skin. Ripe fruit is yellow or orange in color.

Leaves are compound; leaflet 5-11, ovate-oblong,  3-8 cm long.

It is cultivated throughout the tropical and subtropical regions for not only its edible fruits but also for medicinal uses. Averrhoa carambola gives flower all the year round. It can be found in the courtyard of the house in Bangladesh. 


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