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Koroch or Kures, Dalbergia reniformis

Koroch or Kures ( Dalbergia reniformis , family: Fabaceae) is a small or medium-sized bushy tree with spreading branches, attaining a height of 10-13 m. The water-loving tree is native to Bangladesh. The stem and branches are brownish. In the country, it is found throughout the Haors of Netrokona, Sunamgonj and Sylhet districts. It is one of the dominant trees of Sylhet's Ratargul Swamp Forest. It is also found in the wetlands of  India and Myanmar too. The plant has great adaptability to survive almost half-submerged in water. It can remain in this condition for about 6 months! This is one of the most remarkable and strongest characteristics of the tree among the plant world. Leaves are dark green, whitish green beneath, glabrous, compound, 15-32 cm long, imparipinnate; leaflets 7-9, entire, petiolate, oblong-lanceolate, 6-10 cm and 3-5 cm wide with rounded base and acute apex, alternate, coriaceous. New leaves are ovate, shiny and light green with bending apex. Flowers are whit