Dhutra or Thorn apple, Datura metel

Dhutra or Thorn apple (Datura metel, family: Solanaceae) is an an erect and stout herb with branches, attaining a height 1-1.5 m. The stem is hollow, green with strong odor. It is native to Bangladesh as well as Indian sub-continent, East African area and some Oceanic islands. In Bangladesh it grows everywhere and planted as an ornamental plant.

Leaves are simple, alternate, ovate, glabrous, 7-15 cm long and 5 cm wide, apex acute. Petiole 5-7 cm long. Fragrant flowers are solitary, single or double, large, greenish-white, funnel-shaped, bisexual, sepals 5, petals 5. Flower blooms mainly in summer.

Fruit is globose, pale green and spiny. The plant is propagated by seeds.

Common names: Dhatura, Dhutra, Thorn apple, Devil's trumpet, Cornucopia.

For thousands of years the poisonous herb has been used as an Ayurvedic medicinal plant. The flower and fruit contains many stimulating substances. Medicines made from it are used to cure neural and nervous diseases.

A variety of datura metel is also found in Bangladesh─Black datura (datura metel fastuosa) with double or triple corolla. Flowers are deep purple in color.


  1. Dhutra foler vetorer bij 2 - 3 te kheye nile tar ki kora jruri?? ??

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  3. Where to find datura seeds in bangladesh?


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