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Amrul or Indian Sorrel, Oxalis corniculata

Amrul or Indian Sorrel ( Oxalis corniculata , family: Oxalidaceae) is an annual or perennial creeping soft herb. Stem is hairy and slender, brown or reddish, rooting at the nodes. It is found in moist situations, near water and in shade. Other names : Amrul shak Amboli, Chukatripati, Chukatripotri & Yellow Oxalis (English). Leaves are light green, palmately 3-foliate, petiole 1-9 cm long, cuneate at the base, subsessile, glabrous. penduncles 2-9 cm long, puberulous, 1-5 flowered. Leaves taste sour. Flower is small and showy, bright yellow in color, grow on leaf axil, funnel-shaped, sepals 5, petals 5, petals .5 cm long, spathulate, apex rounded or emarginate. Flowers bloom from summer to autumn. Fruit is a capsule, 2 cm long, apex acute, linear-oblong, 5-angled, tomentose. Seeds numerous, brown. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds and cuttings.  Leaves are eaten as vegetable. The leaf juice is antiscorbutic, and antidote for the intox