Bilati amra, Hog plum, Spondias pinnata

Bilati amra or Hog plum (Spondias pinnata, family : Anacardiaceae) is a medium-sized deciduous tree with soft branches. The fruit is well known throughout the tropical world for its sour-sweet pulp. The tree is found everywhere in Bangladesh.   

Flowers are small, greenish white, on strong inflorescence. Flowers bloom in cluster on leafless branches in February-March. Male and female flowers bloom on the same tree.

Leaves are compound; leaflets 7-13, oblong, 7-15 cm long. Leaves are also taste sour like its fruits.

The fruit is a drupe, 4-10 cm long, egg-shaped, smooth, single seeded; green when ripe and yellow or orange when ripe. Fruits ripen in July-August.

The bark, leaves and fruit of spondias pinnata are used in dysentery, stomach aches, ear-pain, decay of teeth. Tasty chutney is made from the fruit. 

Spondias pinnata is mostly found in South and Southeast Asia.


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