Konok-chapa, Mickey Mouse Plant, Ochna squarrosa

Konok-chapa or Mickey Mouse Plant (Ochna squarrosa, family: Ochnaceae) is one of the most beautiful flowering plants of Bangladesh. It occurs at Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet and Mymensingh. It is also found in Eastern India.

Ochna squarrosa  is a woody shrub or small sized deciduous tree. When flowers appear (in the spring) the plant looks splendid. The vivid yellow-colored and fragrant flowers give a eternal impression to the passers-by. 

Shinny leaves are alternate, 6-12 cm long, elliptic, sharply serrate.

Ochna squarrosa is a medicinal Plant of Bangladesh. Bark is stomachic. Leaves are used to stop menstrual disorder. Its roots are long, curved and twisted. For this reason those are used by the Santals (a tribal community) as an antidote to snake-bite.

Fruit is a drupe, 6 mm long. Young fruit is light green in color. It turns to black when ripe. Seeds are easily germinated. Though the growth of the plant is very slow.

The reddish sepals hold the young fruits very nicely.

Common names: Mickey Mouse Plant, Ramdhan Champa.


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