Potpoti, Minnieroot, Ruellia tuberosa

Potpoti or Minnieroot(Ruellia tuberosa, family: Acanthaceae) is a perennial herb, attaining 30-40 cm height, with branches. Leaves are green, hairy, 5-7 cm long.

Common name: Potpoti, Chotpoti (Bangla); Sheep Potato, Minnieroot, Snapdragon Root, Cracker plant (English).

Flowers are showy, violet in color, funnel-shaped, sepals 5, petals 5. In Bangladesh its flower blooms in summer.  

Flower-buds are also nice to look at.

It is called Cracker plant (in Bangla 'Potpoti') by the folk people come from the fact that children like to play with its dry pods that pop when rubbed with spit or water.

The plant is propagated by seeds.

It grows in fallow land as weed but can be cultivated in garden as decorative plant for its attractive, showy & nice colored flowers. Root extract is used for nervous breakdown & anemia. 


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