Danda-kolosh, Shetodron, Leucas aspera

Danda-kolosh or Shetodron (Leucas aspera, family: Lamiaceae) is an annual herb with soft, hairy and qudrangular stem. The weed is found in South and Southeast Asia. It prefers dry, open and sandy soil. The under-shrub can reach a height of 30-50 cm.

Other local names: Dolkolosh, Julfi, Holkosha, Debdron.

Flowers rise from axillary whorls are pure white, small and showy. Petals 5, sepals 5, bilabiate. It blooms in March-April mainly. Flower contains nectar.

Leaves are short petioled, entire, oblong-lanceolate, taper at the base; 6-8 cm long and 1-2 cm wide.

In Sanskrit, it is called 'Dronapushpi'.

Oblong fruits are nutlets, brown in color; 2-3 mm long. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds.

The plant is full of medicinal qualities. Whole plant is used to prepare medicine, which is effective in cold and headache. The leaves contain antibacterial elements. It is used to cure psoriasis and scabies. Those are eaten as vegetable somewhere.


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