Kamini, Orange jasemine, Murraya paniculata

Kamini or Orange jasemine (Murraya paniculata, family: Rutaceae) is an evergreen small tree or large woody shrub that can get a height of 3 m. Its grey trunk is small. The leafy ornamental plant is native to China and Malaysia.

Flowers are showy, pure white, strongly scented, Petals 5, each divided, curved; base is narrow, broad at the end. 

Kamini is one of the most vital flowering shrubs for a elegant garden. Its regal blooming, great scent and holy color is incomparable to plant kingdom. The fruit is a berry, round, orange-red in color. They are edible to human. The beautiful leaves are used to beautify the bouquet.

Every rachis have 4 pair of leaves usually. Leaves are dark green, shiny, obovate. White flowers usually bloom at night, it is so. Flowers stay for two days.  Leaves, flowers and barks are used for medicinal purpose. It is useful in dysentery, bruise, cold, physical pain and snake bite.The bu ds are also attractive. Its propagation is caused by seeds and cuttings. Kamini starts flowering in summer and constantly in bloom until the end of rainy season.  


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