Ulotkombol or Cotton Abroma, Abroma augustum

Ulotkombol or Cotton Abroma (Abroma augustum (family: Sterculiaceae) is a shrub that can reach a height up to 5 m. Entire plant is hairy. It is very remarkable about this plant that its flowers are basipetal bur fruits are positioned upward! The beautiful plant is evergreen. It can be easily kept as an ornamental shrub in tropical gardens. In Bangladesh it is found in fallow land. The plant is one of the most favourite medicinal plants in Indian subcontinent.

                                          Common names: Ulot-kombol, Cotton Abroma.

Flowers are deep megenta. Petals 5. Flowers bloom in July-September. Leaves are simple, long petioled, about 20 cm long; cordate or broadly ovate, pointed at the end; 10-15 cm long and 10-12 cm broad. Fruits are 5-angled. The juvenile fruits are attractive green in color. A fruit holds many many seeds. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds. Flower in full bloom 5 cm across. The fruits of Ulotkombol ripe in October-January. 

Root bark is used to cure urinary and menstrual problems. Its leaf juice is used to stop over bleeding. Leaves are used in gonorrhea alsoThe fibre from its skin is used to make rope and false hair. The original home of the plant is Malaysia. 


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