Easter lily vine or Nepal trumpet flower, Beaumontia grandiflora

Easter lily vine or Nepal trumpet flower (Beaumontia grandiflora, family: Apocynaceae) is a large and stout climber found in the hilly areas of Bangladesh, specially in the forest of Sylhet. This beautiful woody climber is one of the rarest ornamental climbers of the country. The evergreen species is also native to Indian Subcontinent.

Common names : Easter Lily Vine, Nepal Trumpet Flower.

Leaves are opposite, dark green, pale beneath; obovoid, pointed at the end; big, 6-10 inch long, veins clearly visible.

Young shoots are reddish and hairy 

Funnel-shaped fragrant white flowers are large, 12 cm long and  8 cm broad. Petals 5. In broad daylight flowers dry quickly. Blooming season is spring. The propagation of the climber is caused by cuttings.


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