Kaash, Saccharum spontaneum

Kaash (Saccharum spontaneum, family: Poaceae) is a perennial grass can be seen along the edge of rivers and canals. It can get a height of 5-6 m. Its trunk is straight, hard and long. Kaash is native to Indian subcontinent. For decades Kaas has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine in different kinds of diseases in this area. Flowering time is autumn (Sep-Oct).

Other Bangla names: Kaiccha, Khag, Kaissha, Khagra, Kush.

Bangla literature is inspired by this beautiful and incomparable flower. Autumn means Kaash─we, Bengalees believe that. When autumn comes, Bengalees became crazy for this flower!

Kaash spreads like a vast empire! Stem is cylindrical, fistular. Leaves are tall and slender, alternate. Buffalo prefers this grass. Thick ropes are made from stem scale.

Propagation is caused by divisions. Country's one of the paper mills was based on this grass. It is used in jaundice. It is pretty effective to prevent soil erosion. 


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