Ram-bashok or Tita-phul, Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis

Ram-bashok or Titaphul (Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis, family: Acanthaceae) is a perennial erect shrub with large leaves and few branches, attaining a height of 2.5 m. Main stem and branches are quadrangular. It is found at the forest edges of hilly areas of Bangladesh. It is also found in the Indian subcontinent and some countries of Southeast Asia. It can be planted as an ornamental flower in parks and gardens for its dazzling flowers.

Leaves are simple, large, lanceolate, 7-20 cm long and 6-8 cm wide, acute at both ends, dark green, petioled, opposite.

Upright inflorescence is terminal with many beautiful orange-colored flowers, 12-30 cm long. Flowers are funnel-shaped, 4-4.5 cm long. Flowers bloom in the spring. 

Fruit is capsule, 3 cm long, seeds 12-14. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds.

It is used in common cold, fever, asthma, and skin diseases and rheumatism. Its flowers are used as an antidote to pox. Flowers are eaten as vegetable somewhere. 

Synonym: Justicia thyrsiflora 


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