Khudi pana or Minute duckweed, Lemna perpusilla

Khudi pana or Minute duckweed (Lemna perpusilla, family: Araceae) is a free floating aquatic herb with cylindrical root sheath, found in pond, beel-jheel, ditches, cannals as well as all stagnant water bodies in Bangladesh. The flowering plant can be found in almost all parts of the world except deserts and polar regions.

Other name: Kuti pana

The leaves or fronds are ovate-obovate, green in color, ‍slightly slippery, asymmetric, blunt or acute at the both ends, each has single root. It propagates through buds.

Flowers of the perennial are not often seen. Spadix inflorescence consists of 2 male and 1 female flowers. Flowering occurs in summer. Fruit is asymmetric, ellipsoid. Seed has many longitudinal ribs. 

It is used as poultry food. It is also a favorite food of fish. The interesting fact is, it keeps the water clean. The presence of this beautiful herb will enhance the beauty of the aquatic garden, no doubt. In many countries it is considered as weed of crop land.


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