Khet papra or Carpet-weed, Oldenlandia corymbosa

Khet papra or Carpet-weed (Oldenlandia corymbosa, family: Molluginaceae) is an annual herb with profuse branches, of about 30 cm height. It likes to lie on the ground after getting a little bigger in size. Its branches are usually smooth but occasionally hairy.

Leaves are linear-oblong, 1-2 cm long. As a very common plant it is found in abundance in fallow lands, land isles and gardens in Bangladesh. It is also found in the South Asian countries.

Flowers are tiny, pure white on umbel inflorescence, sepals 4, petals 4. Flower blooms in January-February.

Fruit is round. When the fruit ripens, it looks a lot like Coriander. Fruiting and flowering occurs from monsoon to winter. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds. 

It is used to purify blood, relieve pain, quench thirst, destroy worm and eradicate cough and cold. It is also stomachic. It is eaten as vegetable somewhere.


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