Bon-moricha, Pigeon berry, Rivina humilis

Bon-moricha or Pigeon berry (Rivina humilis, family: Petiveriaceae) is an erect perennial herb with soft but slightly woody at base, attaining 1 m of height. The plant is easily recognizable by its brilliant red-colored fruits. 

It can be planted in gardens and parks as an ornamental plant. The original home of the plant is USA (Florida to Texas). It is now naturalized in Bangladesh and India. 

Leaves are dark green, simple, petioled, 2.5 cm long; alternate, ovate-oblong with narrow and elongated apex.  

The hermaphrodite flowers are small, white with pedicel, on axillary, rarely terminal, many flowered racemes. Flowering occurs from August to April in Bangladesh.

Fruit is berry, almost round, attractive, blood red.  


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