Daadmordon or Ringworm bush, Senna alata

Daadmordon or Ringworm bush (Senna alata, family: Caesalpiniaceae) is a tall erect shrub, attaining a height of 2.5 m. Stem is thick and yellowish. It is native to the West Indian Islands. From there it came to the country through the Portuguese. It is found in fallow lands and beside roads in Bangladesh. It is also found in the tropical areas round the world. The plant is unique to bring the royal splendor of yellow color to gardens.  

As an ornamental plant it is planted in gardens and parks. The bushy shrub is a very popular medicinal plant in the country as well as Indian subcontinent. 

Leaves compound, 25-60 m long, leaflets 6-10 pairs, oblong, opposite, 6-10 cm long 4-5 cm wide, sometimes slightly orcordate at the tip, sessile. 

Flowers are borne on upward terminal raceme, from bottom to top, 15-20 cm long. Flowers are brilliant yellow with brownish shade, 2-5 cm wide, petals 5, several different-sized stamens in the middle. Flowers remain covered with yellow bracts. Flowers bloom in autumn to winter.   

Fruit is a pod, quadrangular, 10-20 cm long, blackish brown when ripe. Seeds are ovoid, toothed.

The plant is propagated by seeds. Its leaves are used in common cold, bronchitis, ringworm and skin diseases. It is also used in snake poison and fish poison. 


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