Joggodumur, Jagdumur, Ficus racemosa

Joggodumur, Jagdumur (Ficus racemosa, family : Moraceae) is a  medium to large deciduous tree (15-16 m) with branches. The florets of the tree remain inside fruit or fig and cannot be seen from outside. Figs are good vegetables. The good looking plant can be easily detected by its brilliant red fruits which grow in cluster on trunks or branches.

Leaves are slightly hairy, green, elliptical-ovate, 14-18 cm long, petiole 1.5-2.5 cm long. Mid-rib and veins are clearly visible. Figs are hairy also, big, 2-4 cm across. Immature fruits are light green, bright red when ripe. They are nutritious. 

Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds. The plant grows in wilderness and on fallow lands. It is found everywhere in Bangladesh. Fruits, roots, leaves and bark are used in cut wound and different tooth diseases. Its latex is used to prevent blood dripping.

Indian subcontinent is the original home of the plant. The genus name racemosa is derived from its peculiar inflorescence. By the by, its wood is barren.


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