Buno Joba or Jongli Ghagra, Urena lobata

Buno Joba or Jongli Ghagra (Urena lobata, family : Malvaceae) is an erect branched plant with about 1.5 m height. The plant is covered with tiny hairs all over the body.

Other names: Gamera, Bon-okra, Altera, Nageji, Jongli khagra, Kongo pat.

Leaves are ovate, round or 5-7 lobbed, 3.5-12 cm long, irregularly toothed, covered with rigid hair. Petiole 2-8 cm long.

Flowers are small, violet or pinkish, clustered or solitary, about 1 cm across. Calyx 5-cleft, petals 5, stamens many.

The fruit is globose with 5 carpels and is covered with short stiff spines. It blooms almost in all seasons. It is found everywhere in Bangladesh. It grows in abandoned places.

Root is used as diuretic and useful in neurological disorder. The flower is called Buno Joba (wild hibiscus) In Bangla.


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