Dholshomudro or Elephant ear, Leea macrophylla

Dholshomudro or Elephant ear (Leea macrophylla, family : Vitaceae) is an annual rhizomatous herb with large green leaves. The height of the plant is barely a meter. It can be usually seen in the edge of the forest, especially in Chottogram and Chottogram Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

Dented leaves are gigantic, beautiful to see; simple, ovate, cordate at base, apex acuminate, 20-60 cm long and 10.16-45 cm wide, edge undulated. Veins and midribs are clearly visible. Petioles are thick and hollow, 10-15 cm long.  

It blooms in June-July. At the tip of the twig is borne large cyme inflorescence with huge number of flowers. Peduncle 30 cm tall. Flowers are small, soft, whitish, sepals 5, petals 5.

Fruits are also small, globose, tapered, .smooth, 4-6-lobed, 6-1 cm in diameter. Juveniles are green, matures are blackish. 

Young leaves are eaten as vegetables. Color can be made from the roots. Power of roots is antiseptic and cures sores. It also destroys intestinal worm and earth worm. 

In winter, foliage part is destroyed and in March, new plants rise from the rootstock. The spectacular plant is also found in South and Southeast Asia.


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