Chalta, Elephant apple, Dillenia indica

Chalta or Elephant apple (Dillenia indica, family: Dilleniaceae) is an evergreen tree with branches attaining a height of about 10 m. In Bangladesh, the flower of the plant is a iconic flower of  rainy season. This beautiful tree is native to South and Southeast Asia.

Common names: Chalta, Elephant apple

Leaves are petioled, simple, green, lanceolate, 15-27 cm wide, serrated, with 30-40 conspicuous veins.

Flowers are lagre, showy, white, with many yellow stamens at center. Petals 5, sepals 5. It blooms in June-July.

Fruit is big, round, 7-10 cm across. 

Propagation is caused by seeds. 

Dillenia indica is one of the most common homestead trees in Bangladesh.

Fruit, leaves, root and bark contain a lot of vitamin C, tannin and glucose. These are useful in cough, constipation, dyspepsia, epilepsy and intestinal gas. Fruit juice is used in hair care. Tasty pickles are made from its fruit.


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