Motmotia or Bon pudina, Lippia alba

Motmotia or Bushy lippia (Lippia alba, family: Verbenaceae) is a perennial multi-branched shrub with creeping nature, up to 2 m high. There is a strong odor all over its body. Stem is weak and can be broken easily. The beautiful plant is originated in the tropics of North America and gradually spreads to other tropical regions. In Bangladesh it mainly grows in wetland, especially in fallow land and roadside area.  

Common namesBon pudina, Motka, Bakkan, Bhui okra.

Leaves are strong-scented, light green, lanceolate, about 6-10 cm long and 3-4 cm wide, serrated, opposite. 

Inflorescence is borne at the axil of leaf with light pink flowers. Flowers of the outer edge of inflorescence bloom first, followed by the middle ones. It blooms round the year.

Propagation of the plant is caused by cuttings or division of root stalk. 

Different parts of the plant are used as stomachic, analgesic, diuretic and emollient medicine. Also used in restraint of roundworm.


  1. How to use Bon pudina in matter of pain


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