Roshundi-lota or Garlic vine, Mansoa alliacea

Roshundi-lota or Garlic vine (Mansoa alliacea, family: Bignoniaceae) is an evergreen extensive and bushy climber with dense foliage. It is recommended as a beautiful ornamental climber in the country. The climber has come from tropical America 

Leaves are opposite, bipinnate or tripinnate. Leaflets are elliptic, 4-8 cm long, leathery, pointed at the end, producing an odour of garlic. The Bangla and English name have got this type of name due to the peculiar smell of leaves. Terminal leaflet is often modified into tendril. 

Flowers are mauve in color, funnel-shaped with five expanded round lobes. Lower parts of the flower (tube) is creamy white. It blooms in large panicles in autumn-spring (Oct-Feb) and a few minor flushes in the summer (April-May) months in Bangladesh. 

The plant is propagated by cuttings. Saplings also grow from the roots. This dazzling flowering climber is called Lota-parul in Bangla due to match with very controversial Parul tree (Stereospermum chelonoides). However, some people called the climber as Nil parul.


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