Shegun, Teak, Tectona grandis

Shegun or Teak (Tectona grandis, family : Verbenaceae) is a lofty deciduous slow growing tree up to 25-30 m of height with few branches at the top and fluted trunk at the base. It is a tree of South and Southeast Asia. The tree is highly valued for its superb timber used to make different kinds of furni-ture. Teak is one of the best woods in the world. Like other countries it is planted as a ommercial tree in Bangladesh. However, it is also planted in the park, botanical gardens as an ornamental tree. The beautiful tree can be planted by rows on the highway.

In winter it leaves its leaves completely. New leaves grow in the beginning of spring. Leaves are opposite, broadly elliptic, pointed at the end, 20-70 cm long, green, rough above, yellowish beneath, hairy. In the rainy season, white-colored and fragrant flowers cover the entire canopy. Flowers are small, borne on the large terminal panicle. Panicle is seen to be 1-3 feet tall. 

The fruit is quadrangular, 3 cm in diameter; bark is thin like paper; outer layer hairy. Seed number 1-2. In the winter, dark brown fruits are seen hanging on the tree. The plant depends on the air for spreading its seeds. It is mentioned in the Veda and Ayurveda as Shak.

Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds and stump cuttings. Its flower and seed are used in blood dysentery, scabies, headache, worm, urinary problem and spraining. Oil of seed is used to prevent balding and promote hair growth. Juice of leaves is used to dye silk thread. A kind of tar is extracted from timber. Its perfumed wood is durable and well-decorated. 


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