Monkey's brush, Combretum rotundifolium

Monkey's brush (Combretum rotundifolium, family: Combretaceae) is a large extensive woody ornamental climber. Among the gardeners of the tropical world the it is very popular for its brilliant orange-red flowers. The bushy climber is native to Madagascar. However, it is found throughout Asia & Africa. During blooming it seems as if someone has set on fire on the climber.

The leafy climber itself a beautiful one. 

Leaves are simple, opposite, oblong-lanceolate, 10-15 cm long. Flowers are small, orange-red, scentless, arranged on large compact terminal spike, spreading a lot of golden stamen. It blooms in the summer to autumn. Propagation is caused by cuttings or air layering.

The tolerant vine is grown on wall, arch and pergola in Bangladesh. If you want to keep it small trimmed once a year.


  1. My daughter has this plant in Miami and I wanted to try and propagate it. There doesn’t seem to be too much information on this. Everywhere I did find something mentioned, they said it has to be done with the seeds and not cuttings. What is your experience? And when is the best time to find the seeds? Is it after the flower has bloomed? Thank you.

    1. First of all, thanks for your question. In fact, at the field level, my knowledge is very poor. As far as I know, in our subtropical regions, we usually get good reults just by cuttings.

  2. Hi
    Does this bush attract butterflies?


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