Trumpet vine, Campsis grandiflora

Trumpet vine (Campsis grandiflora, family: Bignoniaceae) is one of the most beautiful flowering climbers in the world. The woody deciduous climber from tropical America is very very favourite to amateur gardeners of the tropical world.

Leaves are opposite, deep green, pinnate. Leaflet 7-9, terminal one present, dented, 3-5 cm long, veins are clearly visible.

It blooms profusely from the summer to rainy season. The flowers can be seen easily by its gorgeous big showy clusters. Flowers are big in size, orange-colored, funnel-shaped; petals 5. A blooming flower is 4-5 cm across. Propagation of the plant is caused by cutting or sucker. It is grown as ornamental plant in Bangladesh. It can be seen in parks and roadside areas.

The vine itself a attractive one.


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