Relandi or Cinderella weed, Synedrella nodiflora

Relandi or Cinderella weed (Synedrella nodiflora, family: Compositae) is an annual erect herb about 1 m in height with dichotomous branching. The entire plant is hairy. The plant grows everywhere, especially in damp fallow land in Bangladesh as weed. 

Leaves are hairy, simple, green, petioled, opposite, ovate-lanceolate or elliptical-ovate, 6-12 cm long and 4-5 cm wide, serrate, veins 3 running from bottom to apex. The upper leaves are smaller.

Flowers are small, sessile, oblong, bright yellow, stalkless, borne on lateral or terminal head  inflorescence.

The plant is propagated by seeds.

The fruits of Cinderella.

The people of Chittagong consume its leaves as vegetables. Its original home is tropical America . 


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