Shorgo-poddo or Heaven lotus, Gustavia augusta

Shorgo-poddo or Heaven lotus (Gustavia augusta, family: Lecythidaceae) is a small or medium-sized evergreen tree with few branches. Trunk is straight and smooth. The bushy evergreen tree can get a height up to 10 m. Its flower is a spectacular one. Not only that, its flowers are sweet-scented. Its beauty is quite similar to Lotus. That's why it's called Heaven Lotus or Tree lotus.

Other names: Dadra (Bangla), Majestic heaven lotus.

The leaves are crowded at the very end of the stem. Those are deep green, quite big, 30-50 cm long and 10-12 cm wide, glossy, narrow at the base and broader at the end, aternate, serrated, sessile or short-petioled. Young leaves are beautiful, almost bronze-colored. Although the tree has many beautiful features, it should be said, It has an unpleasant odor on its leaves.

Flowers are borne in terminal inflorescence. Those are big and showy, 8-12 cm wide; petals 6-8, one is curved; pink or white, stamens numerous. Though it is quite difficult matter to find out the heavenly flowers among the crowd of big leaves.

Fruits are round but dramatically blunt at the end; looks like someone has cut it in half. Those are 5 cm in diameter, many-seeded. Fruits are edible. Flowering occurs in April-May and it continue up to July. Flowers and fruits can be seen at a time.

Without it, tropical gardens cannot be thought of. It is originated in Central America and South America.  It is found in some parks, gardens and botanical gardens in Bangladesh.

Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds and cuttings.


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