Guloncho, Heart-leaved moonseed, tinospora cordifolia

Guloncho or Heart-leaved moonseed (tinospora cordifolia, family: menispermaceae) is a deciduous creeper with hard and long stem, climbing other trees or fences. Bark on the stem is as thin as paper. Aerial roots come out of the stem when the plant grows older. The plant is found everywhere in Bangladesh except southern part. It is also native to South and Southeast Asia. 

Common names: Heart-leaved moonseed, Guduchi, Giloy, Guloncho, Guroncho, Padma guloncho.

Leaves are simple, green, alternate, cordate, 6-15 cm long and 5-13 cm wide. 

Inflorescence, growing from the axil of leaflet branches, bears yellow flowers. Male and female flowers bloom separately. Sepals 6, arranged in two rows, petal 6, pistils 3.

Fruit is a drupe, brilliant red when ripe. This attractive fruit is inedible to human.

Tinospora cordifolia is used in weakness, tastelessness, rheumatism, sore, abnormal heartbeat, chronic fever, cough and sexual diseases.