Padma, Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera

Padma or Poddo, (Nelumbo nucifera, family: Nymphaeceae) is a large and erect aquatic perennial, found in the water bodies of rural area of Bangladesh. The plant is also native to Tropical Asia. Padma is the national flower of India and Vietnam.

Common names: Padma, Poddo, Lotus, Indian lotus, Sacred lotus.

Petiole comes out from rhizome. Petiole is 75-100 cm long. Leaves are big, round, 40-45 cm long, bluish green. 

Flower is big, pink or white, scented. Fully bloomed flower is 15-20 cm across. Sepals 4-5, ovate-elliptical, persistent. Petals many, 4-15 cm long, elliptical. Numerous stamens surround pistil at the center of flower.

 It blooms mainly in the rainy season. 

Leaves and flowers are used in strangury, blood dysentery, bilious dysentery, vomiting and worm. 

Leaves and flowers float on water. 

A kind of alkaloid is collected from petiole and it is used in fever, liver and heart diseases. Young leaves, petiole and rhizome are eaten as vegetables.

This adorable water plant is commonly cultivated in water-gardens throughout the tropical and subtropical world.


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