Lotkon or Burmese grape, Baccaurea ramiflora

Lotkon or Burmese grape (Baccaurea ramiflora, family: Euphorbiaceae) is a small tree attaining a height of 6-8 m. Trunk is stout and bark is grey in color. It  is a very common and popular fruit in Bangladesh. It is found throughout the South and Southeast Asia. Indonesia is considered as its original home. 

Other Bangla names: Harfata, Bhubi, Kanaiju, Lotka, Lotkaw, Kicchuan, Notka. 

Leaves are simple, alternate, deep green, 10-20 cm long and 3-8 cm wide; lanceolate-ovoid, veins and midrib are clearly visible, undulate with cute apex, pedicel quite long. 

Flowers are very attractive, tiny, brown in color, they appear in cluster on the body of trunk and main branches. Flowering season is spring.  

In the rainy season, the round fruits hang in plenty on tree trunk and branches. There can be up to 30 pieces of fruits in a single bunch. They are sweet-scented, brownish or yellowish, round, 3-4 cm in diameter, 3-4 chambered. Fruit-skin is quite hard.

Fruit pulp contains protein, fat, minerals and vitamin B & C. It is one of the most sourest fruits in Bangladesh. Though the fruits are very tasty and nutritious. Remember, eating more causes stomach ache!

It is planted as commercial plant in the country. It prefers shadowy area. In Bangladesh, Lakhpur village of the district Norshingdi has become popular as Lotkon Village.


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