Dhaira or Chhoto manda, Loranthus globosus

Dhaira or Chhoto manda (Loranthus globosus, family: Loranthaceae) is a parasitic plant with hard and blackish violet thick and strong stem. The plant is native to Southern Asia.

Common names: Dhaira, Chhoto manda, Mistletoe.

Flowers are small, red-yellow, tubular, borne on long inflorescence. Flower usually blooms in summer, but It can seen throughout the year. 

Fruit is round, fleshy and red or orange in color when ripe.  

In Bangladesh, loranthus globosus usually chooses MahoganyHoritoki, Rubber fig and Mango tree as host plants.

Leaves are simple, green, petioled, ovate-oblong, alternate, 10-12 cm long and 5-6 wide. Leaves usually have a blunt end. Leaf veins ‍and midribs are reddish, clearly visible. 

The plant sometimes weakens and kills the host.


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