Boronukha or Leaf pondweed, monochoria hastata

Boronukha or Leaf pondweed (monochoria hastata, family: pontederiaceae) is a water herb attaining a height of 1.5 m. It is found in ponds, diches, canals and other water bodies of South and Southeast Asia and Australia.

Common names: Boronukha, Leaf pondweed, Arrowleaf falsepickerelweed, Arrow leaf pondweed, arrow-leaf monochoria.

Leaves of the aquatic plant come out from stem. They are cordate or triangular, green, glabrous, apex acute, petiole long and linear.

Clusters of blue flowers (20- 55) grow from leaf axil. Petals 5. Flower blooms mainly in autumn.

The fruit is a capsule, 5-7 mm long, and 4-7 mm wide. It can be planted as an ornamental water plant in garden or park.

In Bangladesh, the plant is seen throughout the water bodies of rural areas along with Lotus and Water liliesIts root is used in tooth pain and bark in asthma. 


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