Bilombi or Cucumber tree, Averrhoa bilimbi

Bilombi or Cucumber tree (Averrhoa bilimbi, family: Oxalidaceae) is a fruit-bearing small tree with short trunk and profuse branches, attaining a height of 5-10 m. This beautiful tree is native to Moluccas, Indonesia (possibly) and now cultivated throughout the tropical Asia. 

Common names: Bilombi, Bilimbi, Bilombu (Bang), Cucumber tree (Eng).

Flowers are small, inter-mixed with purple and white and borne on the old stem. Calyx is rust colored. Flower blooms mainly in March-April.

Leaves are light green and compound. Leaflet is lanceolate with sharp end, 3-6 cm long, alternate. 

Fruit is fleshy and cylindrical, 4-11 cm long. The ripe fruit is yellowish green.

Averrhoa bilimbi is found all over Bangladesh as a homestead plant. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds. Fruit contains vitamin C, potassium and calcium.

Solution made from it is effective in scurvy, jaundice, scabies, small pox and skin spots. It is emollient and applied on skin to increase beauty.


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