Kukshim or Little ironweed, Cyanthillium cinereum

Kukshim or Little ironweed (Cyanthillium cinereum, Family: Asteraceae) is a annual or perennial herb with aromatic branches and wooly hairs all over the body, attaining a height of 20-40 cm. The roots have a mixed scent of rose and sandalwood. The plant is found all over Bangladesh. The original home of the erect herb is tropical Asia and Africa. It is now widespread throughout the tropics.

Other names: Shohodebi, Choto kukshim, Dankuni (Bang); Ash-colored fleabane, Goat-weed (Eng).

Leaves are dark green, petioled, oblanceolate or obovate, 2-6 cm long and 1-3 wide.

Flowers are in composite inflorescence, violet or white, borne on peduncled head. The tiny flowers bloom all year round. 

Fruits are achene, on globose or subglobose head. Seeds can easily propagated far and wide with the help of floating seeds. The plant is propagated by seeds.

Leaf juice is bitter and used to kill intestinal worms. Leaf is also used in skin diseases. Flower is effective in fever, common cold, rheumatism and eye diseases. The juice is used in piles. Seed is used to kill worms. It is consumed as vegetable somewhere in Africa.
Younger plant

Synonyms: Blumea esquirolii, Cacalia arguta, Cacalia cinerea, Cacalia erigerodes, Cacalia exilis, Cacalia kroneana, Cacalia linfolia, Cacalia rotundifolia, Cacalia vialis, Calea cordata, Cineraria glaberrima Spreng, Conyza chinensis, Conyza cinerea, Conzya heterophylla, Conzya incana, Conzya prolifera, Crassocephalum flatmense, Cyanopis decurrens, Eupatorium arboreum, Eupatorium myosotifolium, Pteronia tomentosa, Seneciodes cinereum, Serratula cinerea, Vernonia abbreviata, Vernonia arguta, Vernonia betonicaefolia, Vernonia cinerea, Vernonia exilis, Vernonia fasciculata, Vernonia kroneana, Vernonia vialis. 


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