Rokto-dron or Red verticilla, leonurus sibiricus

Rokto-dron or Red verticilla (Leonurus sibiricus, family: Lamiaceae) is an annual herb from Shetodron family attaining a height of 90-110 cm with upright and quadrangular stem. It is usually found in crop fields in Bangladesh and is treated as weed. The plant is native to Indian subcontinent. 

Other local names: Gumajoma, Jajura, Goma, Dibbopushpi, Shupushpa, Hejurchi, Chitropotrika.

Leaves are dark green, opposite, petioled. The leaves of its upper part are simple, lanceolate and linear but in lower parts those are divided into few parts, almost palmate. 

Flowers are tubular, small, pink with violet shade with permanent calyx, clustered on inflorescence verticillaster. Petals are bilipped or bilabiate.

Fruits are four-seeded, 1-1.5 cm long. It is propagated by seeds. 

Though the plant is not recognized as ornamental, but its flowers are very eye-catching indeed. Flowers and fruits are seen throughout the year.

White-colored flowers are also seen in Bangladesh.


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