Bottlebrush or Lemon bottlebrush, Melaleuca citrina

Bottlebrush or Lemon bottlebrush (Melaleuca citrina, family: Myrtaceae) is a medium-sized evergreen tree with profuse branches, sometimes shrubby in nature and semi-deciduous or completely deciduous. It is famous for its beautiful drooping branches and brilliant red 'bottlebrush'-like flowers. 

Leaves are narrow, lanceolate, alternate, about 3-6 cm long and 1 cm wide, without pedicel, green or silvery green. Flowers are small and bloom on spike inflorescence. Stamens are dark red, numerous and bigger than petals. Flower appears round the year. Tiny fruits contain numerous seeds.

Propagation is by air layering and seeds. As decorative plant it is planted in the park and gardens in Bangladesh.

If crushed, leaves emit a kind of aroma that scented like lemon. That's why the species name of the plant is 'citrina'.

The leafy and gorgeous flowering tree is a must-planted tree in Indian subcontinent's parks and gardens as well as tropical gardens of the planet. By the by, its original home is Australia.


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