Kodom, Neolamarckia cadamba

Kodom or Kadam (Neolamarckia cadamba, family: Rubiaceae) is a tall fast growing deciduous tree with horizontal and spiral branches attaining a height of 15-20 m. The beautiful tree is native to South and Southeast Asia. This tree is closely associated with Radha-Sri Krishna. It is frequently mentioned in Bengali and Sanskrit literature. Its Sanskrit name is Kadamba.

Common names: Kadam, Burflower-tree.

Leaves are 12-22 cm long, elliptic oblong, dark glossy green above, alternative. Leaves have conspicuous veins.

Flower blooms in rainy season. However, sometimes it can be seen blooming even in winter.

Flowers are borne on head, terimnal, single. Flower receptacle contains innumberable florets, white and yellow mixed. Flowers are strongly-scented. A kind of awkward smell comes out from the falling flowers though.

It is planted in the villages for its dense shade.

Its timber is soft and used as firewood. It is also used to make match and packing box. Bark and leaves are useful in children's sore of mouth. It is also used to drive odour of mouth and fever. Propagation is caused by seeds.

 It is one of the most popular flowers in the rainy season in Bangladesh.


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