Bon shupari or Fishtail palm, Caryota urens

Bon shupari or Fishtail palm (Caryota urens, family: Arecaceae) is a straight trunked monocarpic palm tree attaining a height of 12 m. The plant is native to the hilly areas of South and Southeast Asia. In Bangladesh, it is found in the forest of Sylhet. It is cultivated as an ornamental and houseplant tree (when smaller) in Bangladesh, as well as the tropical and sub-tropical world. 

Common names: Bon shupari, Chao-gota, Golshagu, Sago, Chaur, Fishtail palm, Jaggery palm

The one-seeded fruit is a drupe, 1 cm, reddish or purple-colored. 

From the axil of each giant leaf, about 3 m long hanging inflorescence is grown. Flowers are numerous, white in color, unisexual.

The bipinnate and triangular shaped leaves are deep green in color.

The genus name of the species 'urens' is derived from the presence of stinging chemicals in the fruit. 


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