Shada kolmi or Hogvine, Camonea umbellata

Shada kolmi or Hogvine (Camonea umbellata, family : Convolvulaceae) is a extended twiner or trailer with milky latex and beautiful foliage. In Bangladesh, the woody vine is found in the districts of Dhaka, Gazipur, Rangamati, cox's Bazar, Jamalpur and Sylhet. It can be seen occupying a vast of area in waterside area, ditches and fallow lands or hanging on a tree in a huge shape. Outside the country it can be found from Indian subcontinent to Andaman Islands, and in Malaysia and Indo-China area.

Other names: Bon kolmi, Din kolmi, Chata kolmi (Bang); Yellow merremia, Yellow wood rose (Eng).

There is some variation in the size and shape of the leaves. These are quite different from those of other members of the Morning glory family. Its leaves are beutiful to look at. These are thin, almost glabrous, long-petioled; ovate, lanceolate or oblong, 4-7 cm long and 5-7 cm wide, base usually cordate but can be be found rounded sometimes, tip usually acuminate.

Flowering occurs in the spring. The pure white or yellow flowers are auxiliary, 2.5-5 cm long, funnel-shaped, appearing several together on usual pubescent peduncle.

Fruit is a ovoid capsule, 10-12 mm long. Seeds are deep brown, hairy. The plant is propagated by seeds.

The milky latex comes out when the young part of it is cut. Leaves are taken as vegetable somewhere in the country. The plant is used in arthritis, ulcers, abscesses, headaches and many other diseases.

Synonyms : Camonea bifida, Convolvulus aristolochiifolius, Convolvulus bifidus, Convolvulus blandus, Convolvulus caliginosus, Convolvulus caracassanus, Convolvulus cymosus, Convolvulus densiflorus, Convolvulus flavus, Convolvulus lotnoha, Convolvulus, Convolvulus multiflorus, Convolvulus pentagonus, Convolvulus rothii, Convolvulus sagittifer, Convolvulus triflorus, Convolvulus umbellatus, Ipomoea bifida, Ipomoea blanda, Ipomoea caliginosa, Ipomoea cymosa, Ipomoea fulvicoma, Ipomoea heynei, Ipomoea longipes, Ipomoea micans, Ipomoea mollicoma, Ipomoea multiflora, Ipomoea pentagona, Ipomoea polyanthes, Ipomoea portobellensis, Ipomoea primuliflora, Ipomoea rothii, Ipomoea sagittifer, Ipomoea tonkinensis, Ipomoea triantha, Ipomoea umbellata, Latrienda multiflora, Merremia rondonian, Merremia umbellata. 


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