Gorjon or Gurjan, Dipterocarpus turbinatus

Gorjon or Gurjan (Dipterocarpus turbinatus, family: Dipterocarpaceae) is a diciduous lofty tree with a long straight bole forming a crown at the top with few branches, attaining a height of 50 m. Bark is grey. The young parts of the long-living tree, especially the leaf buds and young shoots are covered with gray-colored hairs. Trunk emits a kind of sticky sap. It is found in the forests of Chattogram, Chattogram Hll Tracts and Sylhet. The giant tree is also found in several countries of South and Southeast Asia. 

Other names: Telia gorjon, Teli gorjon, Dhulia gorjon, Kali gorjon (Bang); Garjan balsam (Eng). 

Leaves are simple, big, ovate-lanceolate, bright green, 12-30 cm long and 08-12 cm wide, petioled, alternate, edge undulated, tip pointed. The texture of veins are quite strong and clear. Leaves arise from the long and whitish or brownish stipules. The young leaves are glossy, spectacular bronze-colored.

Flowers are pinkish white, leathery, tubular, in raceme inflorescence, 6-8 cm wide, petals 5. The scented flowers bloom in the summer.

Fruits are nuts, winged, like the other members of Dipterocarpus genus (Shal, Telshur etc.), 10-12 cm long, connected to persistent calyx. Fruits mature in June-July. Propagation is caused by fresh seeds.

It has much importance as avenue tree. It is a good timber tree. Wood is reddish or deep brownish, quite hard, durable. It is used to make furniture, boat, railway sleeper and houses. 

The leaf bud comes from the lap of stipule

A kind of oil is obtained from its wood. This oil is used for melting varnish and lithography ink. This oil is used to protect wood from insects and to prevent rust on iron. The gum is used in injury, roundworm, skin diseases, gonorrhoea and in urinary disorder. 

The juvenile fruits

Synonyms: Dipterocarpus jourdainii, Dipterocarpus jourdainii, Dipterocarpus laevis, Dipterocarpus mayapis, Dipterocarpus turbinatus var. ramipiliferus, Hopea laevis, Hopea trinervis, Mocanera mayapis, Shorea trinervia


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