Naglingom or Canon ball tree, Couroupita guianensis

Naglingom or Canon ball tree (Couroupita guianensis, family: Lecythidaceae) is a soft-wooded lagre deciduous tree, attaining a height of about 25 m. Trunk is stout and rough, brownish grey. The tree has a habit of shedding its leaves all on a sudden and it does the act several times a year. 

As an ornamental tree it is planted in parks, gardens, botanical gardens and by avenue. Its original home is South America.

Leaves are alternate, oblong-ovate, 20-25 cm long, short-petioled, alternate. The new leaves are light green and eye-catching. The mature leaves are dark green.

Flowers are yellow-pink or red with whitish stamens which are curved like the hood of a snake, strongly scented, about 5 cm long and 8 cm wide, on woody, pendulous racemes, 50-0 cm long, springing from old trunk. 

Petals 6, outside brown-orange and inside maroon. Flowers bloom mainly in summer but these can be seen throughout the year. 

Fruit is quite large and round, almost 15 cm wide, many seeded. It shaped like ammunition of canon, from which its English name is derived; dark brown with hard shell, full with pulp. Pulp is almost white or greenish white. When the fruit rots, it spreads an strong and awful smell. Propagation of the plant is caused by seeds and root sucker. Seedlings grow easily from seed and also grow fast enough.

In Bangladesh it is found in Ramna area, Notre Dame College, Central Women's College, National Botanical Garden and in few ancient architectural spots round the country. Nowadays, it is being planted in different parts of the country, especially on the roadsides by the government. Its timber is used in making furniture.


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