Kalokeshi or False daisy, Eclipta prostrata

Kalokeshi or False daisy (Eclipta prostrata, family: Asteraceae) is an annual erect herb with soft and slender stem, with reddish and hairy stem. The plant does not reach a height of more than 70 cm. It is found beside the roads, in cropfields and fallow lands in Bangladesh. It is originated mainly in South America.

Other names: Keshoraj, Keshoti, Keshkala, Kalokeshori.

Leaves are simple, dark green, hairy, linear-lanceolate with serrated edge and pointed tip, opposite.

Flowers are unisexual, white, borne on head, at the end of long peduncle rising from leaf exil.

Fruits are cypsela, single-seeded, indehiscent. Propagation is caused by seeds. Flowers and fruits can be seen together on the same plant and these are seen round the year.  

The plant is good for hair care. It prevents balding and blackens hair. It is also used in cut or bruise. The children play cooking games with these fruits as fake Cauliflower. 


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