Hapormali or Bread Flower, Vallaris solanacea

Hapormali or Bread Flower (Vallaris solanacea, family: Apocynaceae) is a slightly woody and extensive creeper with pure white and highly scented flowers. The whole body of the plant is filled with milky latex. It is mainly found in the hilly forests of Bangladesh. In addition, it will be seen in some gardens and botanical gardens of the country. It is also found in South and Southeast Asia.

Oher names: Mali, Ramsor, Hadpur.

Leaves are big, 12-15 cm long and 4-6 cm wide, pale green, ovate-lanceolate with pointed apex, opposite, petioled.

Fragrant flowers bloom in large clusters, usually 5-6 flowers. These are white, cup-shaped, abot 3 cm wide, peatals 5, sepals 5. The smell of the flower is so sweet that erasing it from our memory is a very difficult task. Flowers bloom in spring. 

Milky latex is used in skin diseases somewhere. The plant is propagated by cuttings. It needs to be conserved in different parts of the country as it is limited to certain areas. As one of the best flowering plants of spring, it must be planted in the garden.


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