Pipul or Long piper, Piper longum

Pipul or Long piper (Piper longum, family: Piperaceae) is an annual creeper or trailer with beautiful leaves. It is a very popular medicinal herb of Indian subcontinent. It is found here and there in Bangladesh. It is also found in South and Southeast Asia. Being a quite lovely trailer, it can be planted in the gardens and parks.

Other names: Pipola, Pipul-mool, Pipul-morich.

Leaves are simple, glabrous, dark green, cordate, 5-8 cm long and 4-6 cm wide, petioled, alternate, veins palmately designed. When crused they emit greasy substances which is used as drink and cure for jaundice.

Flowers are slender and upright, whitish green, yellowish or orange, comes from leaf axil, and additionaly it is to said that it comes from the opposite direction of a leaf. Male and female flowers appear on separate plants. Flowering occurs in Autumn.

Fruit is long, green, becomes red when ripe and black when dry. Seeds are round.

Fruit is stomachic, and used to cut weight of body. Fruit mixed with honey is eaten for preventing cough and asthma. Roots are used in insomnia. Leaves are often used as vegetables in the country. Since the fruit tastes like pepper, it is often used as an alternative to chilli. Good to say, it is more hotter than the Black pepper.


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