Bhui dumur, Ficus heterophylla var. assamica

Bhui dumur (Ficus heterophylla var. assamica, family: Moraceae) is a creeping or erect scandent fig with with pubescent branches and harsh-textured leaves. The water-loving plant is found in riverside area, beside the pond, khal-beel & jheels in Bangladesh. It is also found in South and Southeast Asia.  

The leaves are beautiful, appear in different forms; multilobed or orbicular to lanceolate or ovate, 10-15 cm long, very rough, apex acuminated; margin dented. Petioles very long, 12-15 cm long.

Flowers remain inside the fruit. Fruit is a fig, axillary, ovate, pubescent, 2-3 cm long, ripe fruits are dark orange and smooth. Fruit ripes in May-June.  

The juice of leaves and roots are used as local medicine in Indian subcontinent. 


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