Kukurchita or Indian laurel, Litsea glutinosa

Kukurchita or Indian laurel (Litsea glutinosa, family: Lauraceae) is a medium-sized evergreen tree with branches attaining a height of 7-8 m. Bark is grey and shiny. The whole tree is filled with wild smell. The tree grows here and there in Bangladesh. As a traditional medicinal plant, its leaves are used to make nutritious drinks, which relieve stomach-ache. It is also energetic and can cure many womanly diseases. 

Other Bangla names: Menda, Pisla menda, Kajlipata, Fotekka, Roton, Kharjura, Karjuki.

Leaves are 7-20 cm long, slightly hairy, ovate, dark green in color. If crushed sticky leaves emit a kind of aroma. 

Small yellowish flowers bloom in clusters on the axil of leaves. Flower has many stamens, it looks like the earring of women. Flower blooms in summer (May-June). Fruits are round in shape. The ripe fruit is purplish black in color. 

Propagation is caused by seeds. Village children frequently use these fruits as the bullet of toy gun.