Gogon sirish, Albizia richardiana

Gogon sirish (Albizia richardiana, family: Leguminosae) is a large-sized fast growing deciduous tree with cylindrical stem, dichotomously divided branches and smooth whitish brown bark. The plant is one of the most spectacular trees of the tropical world. It is widely planted as an avenue tree in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. 

Other local names : Rajkoroi, Bahari koroi.

Leaves are compound, bipinnate, rachis about 12 cm long, pinnae 8-14 pairs, each 4-7 cm long; leaflets 50-100 pairs per pinnae, sessile, feathery, linear-oblong, small. 

Flowers are sessile, small, greenish white, numerous, clustered on round head. Flower comes in the rainy season. 

Fruit is long, thin, flat, whitish brown, 9-13 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. Each fruit contains 8-12 seeds. The plant is propagated by seeds. 

The tree with nice canopy can be attained up to 30-40 meters high. For its royal beauty, it is planted in park, garden, open space and street side around the tropical world.

Wood is soft. Tea boxes and mounds can be made from its wood. The original home of the tree is Madagascar.

During the winter it leaves all its leaves and in spring its nice canopy covers with beautiful green leaves.

In the evening the tree becomes more attractive.


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