Dudhia or Shet kerui, Dentella repens

Dudhia or Shet kerui (Dentella repens, family: Rubiaceae) is an annual herb with soft slender stem. It creeps along the ground and spreads around. Leaves are entire, thick and juicy, elliptic but pointed at both ends, 1 cm long. 

Funnel-shaped flowers are solitary, small, nearly sessile, petals 5-lobed, 1 cm long, absolute white in color. Flowers bloom in the rainy season. 

It is grown as weed on fallow land and at the edge of water bodies. The plant helps to prevent erosion of land. By the by, the plant's species name 'repens' means spreading or creeping.

                                  Other Bangla names : Shadaphuli, Shada jabri, Bhuipat.


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