Rokto-komol, Red Water Lily, Nymphaea rubra

Rokto-komol or Red water lily (Nymphaea rubra, family: Nymphaeaceae) is a very common perennial plant of water bodies in Bangladesh. In fact the aquatic plant is native to Indian subcontinent. It is is found in canals and ponds, overall in the waveless waters.

Flowers are showy, reddish. Fully bloomed flower is 15 cm broad. Floating or little raised leaves are big, almost round-ovate, 18-40 cm broad, edge is serrated. Leaves are so big that a waterbird can walk easily on them. The flower bud of Rokto-komol is not less beautiful than the full blooming flowers. Flowers are slightly scented. 

Fruits are edible, they have numerous seeds. Subcontinental people eat the peduncles as a vegetable also. Very long reddish peduncles are smooth, juicy. Red Water Lily is planted as ornamental plant in indoor aquariums. Propagation is caused by seeds. It can also reproduce by seedlings. Closed bud, during the day. It is called by Lal shapla too.


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